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Star Trek: TOS

Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015

Leonard Nimoy, Spock, has moved on to the next emanation.  He'll be greatly missed.  Leonard lived life like so many others before him, but with more humanity than most.  He had his problems and often spoke publicly about them.  To me, his candor was a great sign of his humanity.  He wanted others to learn from his mistakes and potentially live a better life.  He was a lover and creator of art.  His photography was beautifully simplistic and conveyed the essential elements of humanity and spirituality.  

His acting career spanned many decades and of course contained his portrayal of logical Vulcan Spock.  Spock... what can I saw about that character other than he was the heart of Star Trek's humanity.  An ever-present mirror that reflected humanity's and society's good and sometimes bad sides. Leonard and Spock touched so many lives and generations of fans.  

Leonard was always wonderfully kind to fans at conventions.   He handled himself with grace and never spoke down to fans when answering sometimes mundane questions.  We had the opportunity to see him several times over the years and never walked away without a smile and a warm heart.  

I'm really at a loss for words on Leonard's passing.  I wish I could express how I and so many other fans around the world must be feeling.  He will be profoundly missed.

We've all lost a friend.

RIP, Leonard.  


Bye Bye, Robot has announced its launch of Five new officially licensed Star Trek poster for each of the live series. As with many of Bye Bye, Robot's previous posters, all of these new posters are printed on acid-free heavyweight coverstock that is thicker than normal paper...more akin to business card thickness. Further, the acid-free nature of the paper makes them archival. These five new prints were painted by four different artists; two returning artists, and two artists who are new to Bye Bye, Robot.

CBS Watch! Magazine Special Star Trek Collector's Edition

CBS Watch! magazine released a Star Trek special collector’s edition this week.  Retailing for $9.99, the issue features an inside look at the show and releases never-before-seen photos. It hit the newsstands yesterday, December 1st, so they're still out there waiting for you.

We also happened to be handed two of the photos that are included in this collectors issue, and thought you might like to get a sneak peek. Check them out below.

William Shatner's Star Trek TNG Documentary 'Chaos On The Bridge' Debuts Tonight

In case you haven't heard, William Shatner's Star Trek TNG Documentary 'Chaos On The Bridge' Debuts Tonight, Monday, Aug. 25, at 9 p.m. ET/MT on HBO Canada. Hey to all of our Canadian'll have to let us know how it is!!

The Toronto Sun writes;CONTINUE READING >>

New Star Trek Poster Release From Bye Bye, Robot…6 Star Trek Movie Lithographs!

We’re super stoked to announce the launch of Bye Bye, Robot’s newest prints. Six new TOS lithographs!

These new posters, by artist Matt Ferguson, are inspired by all of The Original Series movies, and every one is a unique visual representation of the story told within the films.CONTINUE READING >>

Trek Culture Book Review: Uhura's Song

How I picked this book

It started with the title. I don’t think anyone who has watched The Original Series can forget the moment in “Charlie X" when Uhura is singing in the rec room while accompanied by Spock on the Vulcan lyrette. Her voice and songs are a reminder of beauty in an environment built for functionality and protocol. Combined with the promise of cat-people1 I knew that this was the novel for me.CONTINUE READING >>

Brand New Star Trek: Deep Space Nine & Star Trek: The Original Series Posters From Bye Bye, Robot

Our sister site,, just launched two fantastic new posters by artists Jeff Foster & Drew Johnson. In its first ever Star Trek: Deep Space Nine release, The Robot procured an impressionist style rendition of the beloved station. "Before it was DS9, it was Terok Nor" is the tagline for Jeff Foster's "Terok Nor" poster which features the station on a space field background with a subtle hint of the celestial temple.


Mark Largent's "Stalled Trek: Amutt Time" Now Available Via Digital Download

Mark Largent's "Stalled Trek: Amutt Time" Now Available Via Digital Download

We're huge fans of Mark Largent's special brand of 3D animated Star Trek virtual-felt covered puppet parodies and wanted to pass along the good news.  Stalled Trek: Amutt Time is now available for the first time via digital download for $3.99.  If you are looking for an easier way to grab a copy or just think that DVDs are so 1999, here's your opportunity.  Many of you out there probably know Mark's work, but if this is your first time reading about it, check out our review of the DVD version of Amutt Time.  In short, we love it!


New Star Trek Poster Release From Bye Bye, Robot…The U.S.S. Enterprise

New Star Trek Poster Release From Bye Bye, Robot…The U.S.S. Enterprise

That’s right you guys, the old girl is struttin’ her stuff in this gorgeous new poster by artist Mark Brayer, and published by Bye Bye, Robot.  U.S.S. Enterprise  is the second poster in Brayer’s vintage ships series for Bye Bye, RobotBrayer’s love of book cover art from the mid to late 1900s is the basis for the retro design of this new ship’s portrait poster.


Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art