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Saldana Concerend About Pllaying Uhura til She Talked To Nichols

Saldana Nervous About Pllaying Uhura Until She Talked To Nichols

As reported by, Zoe Saldana was concerned about playing Nyota Uhura and the history surrounding the charater.  That is, until she talked to Nichelle Nichols.CONTINUE READING >>

'Star Trek' Merch Hits QVC

'Star Trek' Merch Hits QVC

Press Release

On the heels of the blockbuster opening for the new Star Trek movie, premiere comics and collectibles company Dynamic Forces is scheduled to debut its new limited edition Star Trek merchandise, licensed from CBS Consumer Products, on QVC May 18th at 1AM (ET).CONTINUE READING >>

Bid On Shatner's 'Star Trek' Movie Premiere Invitation

Bid On Shatner's 'Star Trek' Movie Premiere Invitation

It seems William Shatner has been all over the news lately.  Especially in regards to his no show at the new 'Star Trek' movie premiere.  We think it's allot of media hype, but The Shat has taken a negative thing and turned it right side up.CONTINUE READING >>

Get Your Limited Edition 'Star Trek' Kicks

Get Your Limited Edition 'Star Trek' High-tops

In an interesting marketing move CBS Consumer Products joined forces with designer Jeff Staple to create a unique pair of Airwalk high-tops themed after the Enterprise.CONTINUE READING >>

Trekcast Sci-fi Supplemental 17 Released

Trekcast Sci-fi Supplemental 17 Released

David, Darren and Alicia bring us another edition of Trekcast: Scifi Supplemental.

This week on the supplement we update you with the latest on whats happening with the new movie and what it’s done at the box office as well as our personal reviews, and what we thought of the film after we have had a chance to really take it all in.

Of course it wouldn’t be a supplement without some subspace signals so we answer some of your great emails (thanks for those and keep them coming).

Kurtzman & Orci Reveal 'Star Trek' Easter Eggs & Secrets

eal 'Star Trek' Easter Eggs & Secrets

In a continuation of an interview covered early this week with MTV, 'Star Trek' writers Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci talk about hidden secrets and easter eggs in the new film.CONTINUE READING >>

Exclusive Scene It? Klingon Bird Of Prey At Best Buy

Exclusive Scene It? Klingon Bird Of Prey At Best BuyEarlier this week we brought you our review of Scene It? Star Trek Deluxe Edition.  On a visit to Best Buy today we found an exclusive Scene It? collectible token (game piece) in the shape of a Klingon Bird of Prey.  Super cool.CONTINUE READING >>

More Star Trek Online Details Emerge

More Star Trek Online Details Emerge

Gamespot recently got an exclusive look at 3 new screenshots for Star Trek Online and more in depth detail about character creation and gameplay.CONTINUE READING >>

Sneak Peek Of Star Trek The Exhibition In Philadelphia

Sneek Peek Of Star Trek The Exhibition In Philidelphia

Star Trek The Exhibition opens May 16th at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia and WPVI-TV has a sneek peek video of the exhibit.

It's filled with memorabilia from the show, including the actual seat once used by James T. Kirk, played by William Shatner, to sit and ponder the many decisions he made as captain of the Starship Enterprise.

The stage prop from the Star Trek TV series is one more than 430 items on display at the Star Trek Exhibition at the Franklin Institute

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