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"Stage 9 Interlopers" Video Reappears On The Net Via YouTube

Back in October of last year I posted an article about a set of removed YouTube shorts called "Stage 9 Interlopers" that I desperately wanted to get my hands on. The videos featured a pair of buffoons breaking into and traipsing through Paramount's  Stage 9 TNG set around the end of season 1. Thanks to a Subspace Communique fan, the videos are back online and compiled into one full length video featuring Captain "does my hair look okay?" Stone and his ever-so-patient camera man.

Memory Alpha's take on the break-in:
On the night of 10 March 1988 by (at least) two fervent Star Trek fans who had broken onto the Paramount lot. Wandering through the darkened sets of Star Trek: The Next Generation (circa season one), the fans were able to light select parts of the sets, including most of the ship's display terminals and part of the warp core. Dressed in a makeshift Starfleet uniform (with white socks), one of the fans acted as the host of what was likely intended to be a homemade documentary - at one point climbing onto a sickbay biobed, then accidentally knocking it to the floor. Taking still photographs of the various "working" control panels, the fans can be heard discussing ways of removing set pieces from the stage.

You can check out the full embedded video above for its hilarious and bizarre hosts, but also for a behind the scenes glimpse at early TNG. Thanks again to carnival_of_souls2047 for dropping us a link to the video.

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