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Crazy Sexy Geeks presents, Tim Gunn: Star Trek & Gender

Crazy Sexy Geeks presents, Tim Gunn: Star Trek & Gender

Crazy Sexy Geeks’ Jennifer Ewing & Alan Kistler sit down with Tim Gunn to chat about Star Trek’s take on fashion.

In Part one, Tim not only discusses the aesthetic side of the Star Trek: TOS costumes, but also addresses the practicality (or lack thereof) of the garments and the motives behind the studio’s decisions regarding the crew uniforms. The three have a very intelligent discussion about the fashion of Star Trek and the impact on and by 1960’s gender roles.

Part Two, seems more like a prelude to another episode. Not delving as far into discussion and staying mainly in the realm of opinion it does however allude to more interesting discussion that is promised to follow as more Star Trek themed episodes are released.

And…p.s. If you’ve noticed that I (a gal) wrote this fashion themed article, don’t worry. It wasn’t a stereotypical corporate gender decision, but rather that “Captain Pyke” was busy editing our next Life After Trek podcast and, filling in as “writer,” I chose a story that interested me personally. No gender-bias here. This is, after all, the 21st century.

You can check out Crazy Sexy Geeks at their Facebook page and on YouTube.

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