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Jerad "Super_Spock" Formby Asks; "Hey Star Trek! thachoo AGENT OF EVIL!?"

Jerad "Super_Spock" Formby Asks; "Hey Star Trek! thachoo AGENT OF EVIL!?"

We've known Jerad on the interwebs for well over a year now and have often called him our "internet friend" or "friend of the site". After spending a great deal of time with him at Vegas Khhaan! we can now call him a good personal friend. We partied, we laughed, we hung out in front of an AM/PM and drank warm beverages from paper bags (special Hey, Star Trek! designed paper bags). We truly lived the Trek culture High Life!

So, when Jerad informed us of his next "Hey, Star Trek!" blog post, we just had to give him props on our humble website. As I'm sure you're well aware, Jerad's "Hey, Star Trek!" blog (over at is the bees-knees when it comes to Trek culture commentary. This time, Jerad reports on Vegas Khhaaan! from a completely different perspective than other reports, even our own. A perspective that definitely needs to be explored. Check out an excerpt from the article below.

A long time ago, in Trekkie lore, there was no new Star Trek to watch. It was a time when love for Star Trek gave birth to the very famous Star Trek Conventions. We’re sure that these early gatherings weren’t cheap, but it’s not hard to imagine that those days were lots friendlier.

And then a student (or two) grew from these conventions. They took all that was good and wholesome about these experiences and figured out how to make them into true money-making enterprises.

They became They Who Will Not Be Named (and you can pre-order next year’s tickets right now).

Because there’s a good and a bad with just about everything in life, we’d like to discuss the one great thing You Know Who did this year. They put on an event that Trekkies could mark on their calendar.

And the Trekkies came. As they always have and will continue to do. (source

Read the article in all of it's splendor here.

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