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Steve Jobs Admits That He "Grew Up Watching Star Trek"

Steve Jobs Admits That He "Grew Up Watching Star Trek"

During the unveiling of the new Apple iPhone, Steve Jobs revealed his inner Trek Fan.  At the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) 2010 in San Francisco, the Apple CEO debuted the brand new iPhone 4 to the world listing a cadre of new features for the handheld device.  

The new iPhone boasts a much higher resolution screen, faster processor, new form factor, two cameras, and video conferencing in it's list of features.  When showing off the new "Face Time" video conferencing app, Jobs revealed, “I grew up with The Jetsons and Star Trek, just dreaming about video calling. Now it’s real”

Available in 16gb ($199) & 32gb ($299) models, the new device will be available June 24th and for pre-order next week.


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