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New SciFi Diner Podcast Episode W/ Leo Roberts Of Star Trek: Phoenix & Yours Truly

A brand new SciFi Diner Podcast episode has just rocketed around the Sun and landed here, in our time and space.  Scott & Miles welcome Leo Roberts, founder of Temporal Studios and writer of the new Fan Series Star Trek Phoenix.  The SciFi Diner is one of those podcasts that you just can't wait for the episode release each week.  It's definitely one of our favorites and I had the privileged of joining Scott & Miles this week to trip the light fantastic (maybe I had to much caffeine, it's like I'm getting all poetical in this post).  

Be sure to check out the show, if you haven't already.

About the Interview:

We were treated last year with a new Star Trek movie that renergized the franchise & for many of you it’s leaving you with wanting more. If your looking for some new & exciting Star Trek, I’m delighted to tell you won’t have to wait until 2012 for the new Star Trek movie. You can go online & watch Star Trek: Phoenix. An exciting webisode which many are saying is the most professionally done independent fan film effort ever produced.

Star Trek: Phoenix is a Seattle-based fan series inspired by Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek and produced by Temporal Studios.  The series takes place more than 40 years in the future after the events of the film, Star Trek: Nemesis. The series focuses on the adventures of the crew of the USS Phoenix, an Ascension Class starship designated as NCX-101138.

The Phoenix is 1400 meters long and boasts a crew of more than 10,000 Starfleet officers and personnel representing other Federation Military branches. She is a hybrid design featuring a never-before-seen partial fusion of Federation and Romulan technology and is the largest Federation Starship seen to date in Star Trek.

Star Trek: Phoenix began as a seed of an idea in the mind of Sr. Executive Producer Leo Roberts, who wanted to create a fan series that builds upon the world of Star Trek and its universal story throughout the decades. It was launched by Roberts through his production company, Temporal Studios.  (source SciFi Diner Podcast)

Download the episode here.

Check out the show notes here.


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