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Trekcast Episode 44 Available For Download

Trekcast Episode 44 Available For Download

As George Takei would say "Ooooohh Myyyyy".  The latest episode of Trekcast is available for your Vulcan... and Romulan pleasure. 

This time David, Darren, and Jerad roll another of their own Star Trek episodes.  We also get the long awaited 'Hey, Star Trek!' audio version.  Jerad does not disappoint!

This week we thought instead of just supplying fan service (which we love to do by the way) we thought we could bring you something we wanted more of  Star Trek Enterprise (yeah we know you hate the theme song but here it is if you want to open the episode with it) the only other Trek show to run less than seven years since the original series. We decided we would bring you an fun episode of Enterprise in the same vane as the TNG episode Data’s Day, staring everyone’s favorite Beagel Pothos played by Prada and Breezy just in case you didn't know there were two of them.

Also with a drum roll Jerad Formby presents in association with Trekcast an audio journey into Hey Star Trek so if you havent read the blog’s here is an auditory version of Hey Star Trek so enjoy (source Trekcast)

Read the show notes here.

Download the episode here.

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