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'Hey, Star Trek! dijoo FLASHFORWARD!?' By Jerad Formby

'Hey, Star Trek!   dijoo FLASHFORWARD!?' By Jerad Formby

While we wait patiently with baited breath for the promised audio version of 'Hey, Star Trek!', Jerad gives us another entry of his Emmy Award winning blog...  Well it should win something, anyway, this time Jerad takes on the new Brannon Braga helmed scifi drama Flashforward.

The fall television season is gearing up and your humble Hey Star Trek! has watched some of the new stuff. We watched Eastwick and another ABC show –one that ABC bought from HBO after outbidding FOX. Of course, maybe it’s FOX that’s laughing now.

Returning to the television frenzy is Star Trek’s own Brannon Braga with a hip-new-sci-fi show called Flash Forward.

We first heard about Flash Forward in a conversation with Chase Masterson on Trekcast. Now that it’s arrived, we’re a little surprised at what a big deal the show is. It seems to have a pitch-perfect level of hype.

Maybe you glimpsed that 20 minute preview that hulu ran for awhile. We did. We hoped there would be more when the show came out. (source

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