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"We work for our fans" Scott Bakula Said About His Time On Enterprise

"We work for our fans" Scott Bakula Said About His Time On Enterprise

In a recent interview with, Scott Bakula talks about his role in the new movie "The Informant" as well as deflecting questions about us trek fans.

Scott seems like such a stand-up kinda guy he definitely takes the question in stride. You can also check out the video from a recent interview with Collider below.

Question: How was it for you dealing with some of those hard core fans from both of those show? I mean, the Trekkies are a bunch unto themselves.

Bakula: Yeah. Well, you know, science fiction fans, if they love you, they're - you've got 'em.

Question: But God help you if they don't.

Bakula: Well, they let you know, you know? And they don't really - you know, they really don't hang around if they don't like you, because they're just - if they've - if you're in, you know, then you're in forever. And they're demanding fans. They expect that you be honest in your science fiction, and correct in your science fiction. And they expect you to be available, and a part of the world of science fiction. And they claim you. So, there's kind of a responsibility about that. But I knew that. I knew when I took Enterprise that I was perpetuating that. But they're loyal, and they ask you to be really good. And they really watch. And, you know, for a performer, that's - you can't really ask for more than that. They're not casual. They're intent. And you better have - you better not screw up your facts, your logic, they'll ring you up on that one. And so - you know, that's who you work for. We work for our fans, and for an audience. And so I love them. They've been great to me. (source

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