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Star Radio Communicator Pulled From iTunes App Store

Star Radio Communicator Pulled From iTunes App Store

We reported last month about a fun little app called the Star Radio Communicator that put a TOS-like communicator on your iPhone.  Well, it seems the folks at CBS contacted their friends at Apple and had the app pulled from the iTunes App Store.

According to the app's creator TalknDog, they are working to continue the sales of the app, but at the moment the app is unavailable.  Really, this is such a shame.  We love the app. Sure, it sorta looks like the intellectual property of CBS.  No, the sounds aren't authentic.

The point is, we have a TOS communicator on our phones.  Did you hear me?  TOS communicator IN MY POCKET!  For all the trekkers around the world that didn't get a chance to buy the app, I'll pour a little Romulan Ale on the ground for you tonight.

Check out the Star Radio Communicator page here.


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