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Walter Keonig & Robert Picardo In New Comics International Special

Walter Keonig & Robert Picardo In New Comics International Special

As reported by, Comics International is releasing a one-off special version of it's magazine focusing solely on Star Trek: running the gambit of Star Trek comics from 1967 to the current IDW releases.  Both Walter Koening and Robert Picardo are interviewed in the upcoming special.

The Star Trek Special celebrates the recent release o JJ Abrams’ Star Trek movie reboot, looking back over four decades of the comicbook adventures of the Starship Enterprise. Charting the course of Star Trek comics from the very first 1967 issue from Gold Key all the way to IDW’s latest titles and taking in alternate realities, multiverse crossovers and more, this latest CI one-shot takes you on a warp speed tour through some of the strangest new worlds and civilisations you’ll never see on TV.

Heavily illustrated and showcasing unpublished artwork and more, it features interviews with key Star Trek creators, including British contributors to the Trek mythos – Dan Abnett, Mike Collins and Ian Edginton – as well as creators such as writers Mike W Barr and Diane Duane along with artists Gordon Purcell, David Messina and Scott Tipton. Star Trek fans who aren’t even that interested in comics may be persuaded to pick up the £4.99 Special by the inclusion of interviews with Walter Koenig, who played Chekov in the original Star Trek series and Voyager‘s Doctor, Robert Picardo.

The Magazine is well designed – although perhaps with even more pages, the creator interviews could have been given more space and additional visuals – but this is a mere nitpick. It also includes a feature on the British Star Trek material created for the 1960s title Joe 90: Top Secret and later issues of TV21, material that many US Star Trek fans are unaware of. Definitely one for Trek fans to check out. (source

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