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The Trivia Tribble Presents: 'Relics'

The Trivia Tribble Presents: 'Relics'

Here's this week's installment of The Trivia Tribble Presents. As always a big thanks to the Trivia Tribble David Kleparek for providing the awesome content.

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Season 6, Episode 4 ‘Relics”

Instructions: Watch the episode before you take the quiz. Use our handy scorecard to keep track of your answers. Each question is worth one point. To double your points, take the quiz without watching the episode first. For half points, watch the episode with the quiz in front of you. Answers to follow shortly in another post.

Download the Trivia Tribble Scorecard


1. Where was Scotty injured when he was found?

2. On the date he was found, how many years had it been since Scotty was born?

3. What is the name of this giant structure? (see image below)

Trivia Tribble

4. Where was Scotty headed when he crashed on the sphere?

5. Data: “The interior surface area of a sphere this size is the equivalent of more than _______ class-M planets”

6. Name the ship. (see image below)

Trivia Tribble

7. Scotty: “ I may be _______ by rank by I never wanted to be anything else but an engineer.”

8. How long ago was Scotty’s ship reported missing?

9. What was the name of the drink that Data gave to Scotty? (see image below)

Trivia Tribble

10. How many ships has Scotty served aboard? 

11. What is this a close-up image of? (see image below)

Trivia Tribble

12. Who all was on the crashed ship when they discover Scotty in the transporter buffer?

13. What is missing from the image? (see image below)

Trivia Tribble

14. Scotty: “Synthetic scotch, synthetic _______.

15. Where was the Enterprise taking Scotty?

Stay tuned for the answers

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