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'Hey, Star Trek! whychoo hate for HATE’S SAKE!?!?' By Jerad Formby

'Hey, Star Trek!  whychoo hate for HATE’S SAKE!?!?' By Jerad Formby

Hey, Star Trek! hits the web with an attack pattern delta and fires a full spread of torpedoes at the new movie haters.

It appears that I have gotten a little tired and a little fed up with Star Trek fans who hate the new movie.

I’ve seen websites devoted to ripping on it. I’ve seen friend groups who proudly tote themselves as new movie haters who not only sneer this new Star Trek, but call out other Star Trek fans who do like it.

I’ve made arguments that a lot of their obsession is simply a difference in details. A lot of them seem to think that if the details aren’t there then it’s not really Star Trek.

I’ve decided to not argue this week and have written all of you a piece of fiction that details a story with the new Captain Kirk and his new Enterprise and I’ve decided to address my arguments there. Perhaps by example, others will ease back on their phasers and understand that the new movie is as Star Trek as Voyager’s “Year in Hell” was or “Yesterday’s Enterprise” or any of these alternate universes that seem to get many-a-nerd’s pheromones firing so hot and heavy. Possibly even more so. (source

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