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'Hey, Star Trek! gotchoo no VOYAGER LOVE!?' By Jerad Formby

'Hey, Star Trek!  gotchoo no VOYAGER LOVE!?' By Jerad Formby

A brand new 'Hey, Star Trek!' from our buddy Jerad Formby is fresh off the presses.  This time Jerad reminds us all why we should be watching Voyager.

So you’ve been knocking around the Internet behind your co-workers’ backs looking for more information about Star Trek. You know there’s a lot of it and you’re not sure where to start. You delve into Trekcast and have been following this blog in order to get “cool” and “in the know” information of just how to start any of the Star Trek series.

That means that we’ve arrived to Star Trek: Voyager. Like all Trek, I’ve covered aspects of Voyager before, but the idea of a Voyager-centric piece has been a bit frustrating for me to put together. It’s my least favorite of the shows and if you listen to Trekcast, you know that David Ivy is finally ready to give it a try.

And, for you, brothers and sisters, I gave it another look just to ensure that you can be informed and without prejudice.

Voyager was the fourth show to be created and it appeared right when Star Trek: The Next Generation went off the air. This was a little less then half-way through Star Trek’s eighteen year run that started in 1987. Star Trek was on the air for eighteen years and what people who bag on Voyager fail to realize is that Voyager is Star Trek for so many people. (source

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