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Path To 2409 Update: 2388 Supplemental Log - Worf Lives!

Path To 2409 Update: 2388 Supplemental Log - Worf Lives!

A brand new entry in the ongoing Path to 2409 Saga has been released: 2388 Supplemnetal Log.  This time the story is told by Jake Sisko as he visits Ambassador Worf shortly after the Hobus incident on Qo’noS.

Apparently WORF LIVES after being attacked by Nero.  I don't care if any of this is officially canon, it's definitely canon in my mind.

I meet with Ambassador Worf in his home on Qo’noS. He hasn’t spoken with any reporter since the events surrounding the Hobus explosion. The Ambassador is an old friend of my family, which is why I thought I might be able to speak with him. It appears that I was right.

Ambassador Worf is a warrior. He is clearly still recovering from the near fatal injuries he took while fighting the madman, Nero. Just as clearly, he refuses to allow those injuries to slow him down.

He is also furious with me.

What are you doing here?! Do you know how foolish your actions have been? Wandering around Qo’noS on your own? The Federation is not very… popular.

It’s good to see you, too, Worf.

What would your father say if he knew you were here!?

[I meet his gaze and keep mine steady. Ambassador Worf is the sort of man who respects confidence, and directness.]

He’d probably say the same thing he used to say. ‘What is Jake thinking!’ And then he’d say that I’m a man now, capable of making my own decisions. I’ve grown up.

Bah! Grown up. [he growls at me, but settles into his chair] (source Star Trek Online)

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