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TOS Communicator App For iPhone Available

TOS Communicator App For iPhone Available

As reported by iPhone Savior, a new Star Trek: TOS communicator app has hit the iPhone app store called Star Radio Communicator.  While looking just like the original series device and even having the open and close flip function, the sound effects aren't quite 100%.  This is probably due to licensing issues, but the app is lots of fun none-the-less.

We dropped the 99 cents and loaded the app on our iPhones.  After playing with it for a bit (opening and closing incessantly) we discovered that you can actually make calls through the app.  Pretty cool.  For the price it's definitely worth the novelty factor.  There's nothing like having an original series communicator in your pocket.

Check out the iPhone savior review here.

Watch a trailer for the app here.

Buy the app here.

Update: Pics added below.

Star Communicator iPhone AppStar Communicator iPhone AppStar Communicator iPhone App

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