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'Hey, Star Trek! gotchoo FAN LOVE!?' New Blog Post By Jerad Formby

'Hey, Star Trek!  gotchoo FAN LOVE!?' New Blog Post By Jerad Formby

A brand new 'Hey, Star Trek!' has hit the internet and is in need of reading.  This time Jerad sings the song of Star Trek fan films.

The new Star Trek movie is out. It has earned every ounce of acclaim, interest, and attention that it will. It’s a box office record for the Star Trek franchise. It has done a most respectable, beautiful sum of money.

And now it’s ready to sail on to the DVD shelf. Ready to be debated, ignored, or adored by any a Star Trek fan. And there might even be a few new fans.

That begins the waiting game. Now we fans and new fans wait for the next exciting entry in the Star Trek saga. Because we know there will be one. There’s always another one. It will be a movie, it will be a television show. It doesn’t really matter which.

f you’re like most of us fans, you’ll watch box sets of series you love, show movies to lovers, and maybe even try watching that one show you always hated and never got around to watching.

If you’re unlike most of us, you will make your own Trek and unleash it to the Internet. (source

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