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Federation News Service: News Bulletin - By Jerad Formby

Federation News Service: News Bulletin by Jerad Formby

Federation News Service
Jerad Formby reporting

Embargos against the planet of Orion for its treatment of its blonde females are not as effective as President Jaresh-Inyo was hoping.

“This is the Federation and we believe in equal treatment for all of its citizens no matter the color of their hair,” Jaresh-Inyo said in a press conference this morning.

With the rebuilding of Cardassia being the main story the Federation is following, the plight of the Blonde Orions has difficulty gaining galactic attention.  This struggle has historic roots going back to the founding of the Federation and early Starfleet.

The Orion Government continues to fight the embargo within the chambers of the Federation Council citing its own “non-interference” policy.  Its leaders argue that as Orion was let into the Federation with Blonde oppression already in place its treatment of Blondes should be “grand father claused” and ignored.

In the early days of Starfleet, with the Earth-Romulan War, Orion was asked to participate in the war effort.  At that time, Earth nor the budding Federation, had no information about this planetwide oppression against a small percentage of its population.

Once Orion joined the Federation, this oversight was ignored by the founding worlds and Orion Blonde oppression continues to this day.

Scientifically, it has been determined that the Orion Blondes do not secrete the powerful female pheromone that makes so many Orion females a hot commodity all over the quadrant.   This has fetched them little interest off world and even less interest in their own backyard.

The Ferengi Benevolence Society, founded by a Ferengi named Coin (pronounced “Quan”) has taken it upon himself to raise these oppressed females necessary funds to bring this matter to the attention of the Federation and its citizens.

More information can be found at old internet sites such as and

Coin stated that he can’t afford better than the old internet.

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