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'Hey, Star Trek! dijoo love REVENGE OF THE SITH!?' By Jerad Formby

'Hey, Star Trek!   dijoo love REVENGE OF THE SITH!?' By Jerad Formby

A brand new 'Hey, Star Trek!' blog post is available for your reading pleasure.  This time Jerad takes on George Lucas and the three Star Wars prequels.

About two weeks before Star Trek came out, I noticed the Suicide Girls on Twitter inviting Star Trek fans to call into a radio show and talk Trek. I decided to dial and hoped the movie wouldn’t be spoiled by my need to talk to ladies with the word Suicide associated with them.

I felt good about the talk and after it was over I was invited to their site to take a look at it. I became a member of the site and quickly found a group of Star Trek fans there. The message boards for Trek were all abuzz about the new movie and of course, I started a Star Wars vs. Star Trek fight.

Which I am prone to do.

I was quickly shouted down possibly because I’d picked the wrong fight. One of the Suicide Girls said that she liked Star Wars more because it was “art.” Fascinating, but with no real argument presented, I have to assume she meant “eye candy.” Hard to argue with that one. (source

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