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'Hey, Star Trek! gotchoo BLACK SHEEP!?' New Blog Post By Jerad Formby

'Hey, Star Trek!  gotchoo BLACK SHEEP!?' New Blog Post By Jerad Formby

Hey, Star Trek!  Part 2 of Jerad's a beginners guide to Star Trek is available for your viewing pleasure.  This time the topic is Deep Space Nine.

Micheal Piller was one of the most celebrated Next Generation writers and was tapped by show runner Rick Berman to start spinning the new show concept. Piller realized very early in the creative process that when it comes to Outer Space you have one of three settings to choose from: a space ship, a space station, or an outpost on an alien world.

Because The Next Generation was already rocking a spaceship, Piller decided to go for the space station. There are some who would suggest that Piller and Berman ripped off a television show called Babylon 5. Piller’s defense is a whole other blog.

For now, be content to know that Piller not only embraced this new setting, he and Berman decided to create what could best be termed “anti-The-Next-Generation.” Each character was created to challenge an existing “Next Generation” model. It worked so well that some fans don’t even like the show. (source

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