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Star Trek Online Ship & Kobayashi Maru Updates

Star Trek Online Ship & Kobayashi Maru Updates

Star Trek Online has posted two new updates to the ST:O site.  A brand new ship class has been revealed, with full stats, and a brand new edition of the ongoing Kobayashi Maru series.

Starfleet – Excalibur Class

Updating the iconic profile of the Constitution class, the Excalibur is the first of a group of new, state-of-the-art cruisers intended to fill a variety of roles for Starfleet.

Designed with the modular construction favored by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, the Excalibur can tackle almost any task. Its expanded cargo capacity and advanced warp core make it an ideal solo exploration vessel, but it also performs well as a support ship during fleet actions.

During times of peace, the Excalibur class is well-suited for cargo or transport missions. Its massive holds make it invaluable to Starfleet, which uses the Excalibur class extensively to resupply planets, space stations and other starships. It has enough power to run industrial replicators non-stop, and is often the ship of choice for missions of mercy or rapid evacuations. Crews on Excalibur-class ships can convert cargo bays to temporary housing in a matter of hours, enabling the Excalibur to carry as many as 1,100 passengers in an emergency. Read the full article here.

Kobayashi Maru Vol. 15

You are ferrying a Starfleet admiral to star base 22 in a shuttlecraft. He has information critical to winning the war against the Borg. Also on board is a pregnant woman and a starfleet cadet. A random piece of space debris destroys a fuel cell and you are forced down to a barren airless, waterless, lifeless moon...  Read the full article here.

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