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'Hey, Star Trek! canchoo introduce YERSELF!?' By Jerad Formby

'Hey, Star Trek!  canchoo introduce YERSELF!?' By Jerad Formby

Jerad is back with another installment of 'Hey, Star Trek!'.  This time, we're given a fantastic beginner's guide to the beloved world of 'Star Trek'.  Also, he gives a special shout out to your favorite Star Trek news site, Subspace Communique.  Thanks Jerad!

Star Trek has a freakishly huge tapestry of characters, locations, ships, and lore. The new movie by J.J. Abrams invited you to forget all of that and embrace the adventure aspect of it. You were asked to embrace these characters as they hit the ground running and now they’ve run out of ground.

You’ve watched them disappear into the incredibly vast ocean of what Star Trek is. This is an ocean you might have ignored, or your parents talked about, or you had a friend who was there once or twice, whatever the case, you can see now that Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg, and all of the rest have shot over the horizon and they’ve left you at the beach. (source

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