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'Hey, Star Trek! dijoo see TERMINATOR!?' Take that John Connor

'Hey, Star Trek! dijoo see TERMINATOR!?' Take that John Connor

Jerad hits the internet with a brand new blog post.  This time 'Hey, Star Trek!' takes on Terminator Salvation.

The world of Terminator is actually quite intense. It’s more intense than anyone wants to give it credit for, apparently. As a fan of the movies (and I won’t include the television series here), I have a certain degree of confidence in who John Connor is. I know that he is the man who came along to unite humanity. He was the one man who taught humans to fight back and how to smash those “metal mother-f**kers into junk.” I know that he’s the bees-knees, best ever, total new arrival man who will ensure the continuation of humanity.

But how did that happen? How did it arrive? We will never know. We won’t know because the script writers opted to not tell us that story (arguably one of the best stories you could tell with this character). They opted to go forward a few years. In the time that this movie takes place, the resistance already has amazing tools, weapons, and people willing to fight and die. I wanted to see John Connor make that happen. The main reason is that I’ve wanted that since I was a little kid. (source

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