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New 'Hey, Star Trek!' Blog Post ' Watchoo Got New Movie!?'

'Hey, Star Trek!' Asks ' Watchoo Got New Movie!?'A brand new 'Hey, Star Trek!' post is available on  In this installment, Jerad shares his feelings on the new J.J. Abrams film 'Star Trek'

The Villain Nero isn't all that fantastic.  His origin and his rage come from a strange and difficult-to-follow flashback that does little to give him understanding or a lot of relevance.  Its unfortunate that such an amazingly awesome looking guy doesn't have a whole lot to play but rage --so I just keep thinking of him as a disgruntled Star Trek fan. 

Think about it.  When he sees the whole of the ship, he gets his nerd on.  He can't believe it's the Enterprise.  He signals over there, I think, hoping to find Kirk, but is stuck with Pike.  That's okay with him.  He's just glad his idea of re-writing canon is working.

He opts to use a lifeform to force Pike to comply --cause Wraith of Khan is one of his favorite movies, but he couldn't get a hold of any Ceti Alpha Eels.  When he finally meets kirk, you know he's seen all of the episodes and movies.

When he chooses to turn down Kirk's assistance, it's cause he knows he's the villain and he wants everyone to feel that they bought and paid for their popcorn.

Eric Bana's performace was awesomely off-the chain.  He rocked that strange little hunched over Billy Badass and accepted that his role was more plot device than true Khannery (source Trekcast)

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