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'Hey, Star Trek!' Asks 'Argh Choo Too NERDY!?'

'Hey, Star Trek!' Asks ' Argh Choo Too NERDY!?'In the latest 'Hey, Star Trek!' Jerad Formby asks argh choo too NERDY!? Our answer is yes, yes we are.  This time Jerad speculates on the possible fan nods (or nerd-nut-nods. Love that!) included in the new Star Trek movie. 

I thought the idea of bringing us a young Kirk and a young Spock sounded just this side of perfect. Like so many Star Trek fans, I had fantasies about what it might entail –what might be included in the film and what would be “overlooked.” Then it came out that Kirk was going to be really young –like Cadet age. I thought that was a super-bold choice and I still feel like it is.

We’ve been promised lots of nuggets for being fans. Let’s speculate on what they might be!>(source

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