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Star Trek Video Games

3 More Star Trek Online Screens Released

Cryptic Studios just released 3 brand new screenshots for the upcoming Star Trek Online MMO. The shots include a Federation Starship flying through asteroids near a planet, an alien landscape, and some sweet space destruction. Check them out below.

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online

Star Trek D-A-C Officially Announced Today

Star Trek D-A-C Officially Announced TodayAs reported on Kotaku, Star D-A-C was officially announced for XBOX Live, the Playstation Network, and PC today. New Screenshots were also released showing game play and several different levels.

New Starfleet Academy Website Launched

New Starfleet Academy Website LaunchedAs reported by Trek Today, Nokia and Verizon have launched a new promotional website containing product tie-ins for the new J.J. Abrams film 'Star Trek' awaiting the release of Star Trek XI can keep busy with activities on a new Star Trek XI promotional site which offers games, a contest and downloads now, with the promise of more to come. (source Trek Today)

New Star Trek Online Interview And Dev Blog Post

New Star Trek Online Interview And Dev Blog PostStar Trek Online was recently featured on ST:0's Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich talks about Star Trek Online's player experience as well as the overall game play. Included in the interview is some new video showing a giant starship battle between the Federation and The Borg. Watch the interview here.

Path To 2409 Update: 2386 Supplemental

Path To 2409 Update: 2386 SupplementalStar Trek Online has updated it's on-going 'Path to 2409' storyline. In this installment ,'2386 Supplemental', We get a first hand account of the Klingon attack on the Gorn held Gila IV. The story is told in an interview format with David Steiner a former Starfleet conn officer and dominion war veteran. David was selling cargo on Gila IV when the Klingons Attacked.

Playstation Home gets Trekked

Playstation Home gets TrekkedAs reported by Kotaku,'Star Trek' will be heading to Playstation Home.

Paramount Pictures and Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that a series of Star Trek movie promotions would be beaming to Home users starting tomorrow.  That includes "an exclusive video greeting" from Abrams and the newest Star Trek movie trailer, both hitting Home as of Friday.Also coming to Home are Starfleet uniforms and t-shirts, arriving in the Threads Store on April 23rd.

Starfleet Academy Trainer Game Available Online

Starfleet Academy Trainer Game Available Online

Paramount Pictures recently released a new flash game based on the upcoming 'Star Trek' movie. Called the 'Starfleet Academy Trainer', the game consists of simple 'tests' to 'measure your mental capacity, reactions, timing, quick mental arithmetic, problem solving and observational skills.'

3 Brand New Star Trek Online Screenshots

Brand new Star Trek Online Screenshots3 new screenshots were posted for the forth coming Star Trek Online.  The shots include Vor'cha class Klingon Cruiser at impulse speeds, a federation science outpost, and an asteroid field loaded with debris.  The game is looking fantastic so far.  Finally something we can play that doesn't invlove half-elves or unicorns.  Klingons Baby! Qapla'!

Check them out after the jump

(Pics courtesy of Star Trek Online)

Star Trek Online Starts New Dev Blog

Star Trek Online has launched a brand new dev blog over at The first entry is from Christine "Kestrel" Thompson, a writer for Star Trek Online.

Christine talks about the fun of writing for ST:Online: "I get to play in the toybox that is the Star Trek Universe, and that's fabulous. It's one of the deepest and most detailed and most fun sci-fi settings ever, and I'm thrilled to be able to write Trek stories." She Continues, "But writing for STO isn't like writing a Trek novel or a script. There are a completely different set of questions to consider."

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art