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Convention News

New Day-Trip Available From Geek Nation Tours Coinciding With The Official Star Trek Convention In Las Vegas, This July!

Remember back in March when we told you about the ultimate Star Trek themed guided tour? Well, if you can't make that one, how about a single day excursion? Geek Nation Tours has added a Star Trek themed Day-Trip called "Trek into the Valley of Fire - One Day Adventure" to their roster!


Groupon Deal Vegas Khhaaan! Discounted Day Pass

Hey Kids, looks like there's a Groupon deal that allows you to buy a single day pass to Creation Entertainment's Star Trek Las Vegas Convention at half off.  You have the choice of any of the four days starting Thursday, August 8th for $17.50.  Friday is also $17.50 with Saturday and Sunday for $20 each.  The downside is that you can only get one day at the discounted rate.  You have the option of buying two additional days as gifts.  If you're going for just one day or you have a group of 4 buddies that can buy each other "gift" days, it could be a good deal (that may or may not work...your mileage may vary).


There's Still Time To Participate With 'Experience The Enterprise' But Hurry, It's Going Fast

MAKE IT SO!!! Be part of this great effort!! There's still a little time to get in on the fun. Bring the bridge of the Enterprise-D to Vegas. Who knows...maybe traveling to Vegas will be just the thing it needs to get traveling time maybe even to your neck of the galaxy woods.


Help Bring Star Trek's Enterprise-D Bridge To Creation's Vegas Convention In August

Help Bring Star Trek's Enterprise-D Bridge To Creation's Vegas Convention In August

As you well know (...anyway...I'm assuming you do...after all, your only source of online info & entertainment is us, right?... right?!?) Subspace Communique reported on the Enterprise Bridge Restoration Project back in February 2013 on “Life After Trek.” Well, much has happened since then, and now, Trek Radio is teaming up with Huston Huddleston’s New Starship to bring the iconic Enterprise-D bridge to Creation Entertainment’s Star Trek Las Vegas convention this August. This is your chance to help bring this cool memorabilia to the Rio where you'll actually be able to sit in one of the bridge chairs, and bark, "Make it so!" or shout, "FIRE!" Don't miss out on making this dream a reality!


Starbase Indy 2012 Featuring JG Hertzler, Robert O'Reilly, Nicole de Boer, & Larry Nemecek

One of our favorite fan run conventions is close at hand... Starbase Indy, in Indianapolis, is launching it's 17th mission over Thanksgiving weekend. Not only will you be able to see J.G. Hertzler and Robert O'Reilly as Martok & Gowron, but Nicole de Boer (Ezri Dax) will also be on hand. Not to mention our good friend Larry Nemecek and artist David Reddick will also be in attendance. We had the pleasure of covering Starbase Indy in 2010 and had an absolute blast meeting new friends and getting to hang out with Life After Trekker Manu Intiraymi.


Creation Entertainment’s Grand Slam Convention Announced For Burbank Feb 2013

Don’t make any plans for mid-February next year…your calendar is soon to be full of convention festivities. That’s right kids, Creation Entertainment’s Grand Slam: The Star Trek & Sci-Fi Summit XVIII, comes to Burbank, California on February 15-17, 2013. This con has a great set of celebs already lined up with more promised to be added as the event approaches. There will even be a Saturday night reunion event of the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast featuring; Sir Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden and Marina Sirtis.CONTINUE READING >>

Wizard World Austin Comic Con 2012 Post Convention Wrap-up

We just got back from a fantastic con in our neck of the woods. That's right earthlings, it's time for the Wizard World Austin Comic Con post convention wrap-up. This was a special Trek centric con, that featured the entire bridge crew from Star Trek: The Next Generation. We've been covering news about Austin CC for the past several months and the show really lived up to the hype.


Austin Comic Con Adds Larry Nemecek & Releases Full Programming Schedule Featuring The TNG Reunion

For all of you that are excited about the Star Trek: The Next Generation reunion at Austin Comic Con, Wizard World just released the full programming schedule. In addition to all of the exciting TNG programming, our good friend Larry Nemecek is slated to appear at the con as well.


Roddenberry Entertainment Launches Big At New York Comic-Con With Two Graphic Novels And Special Panel

<p>Roddenberry Entertainment Launches Big At New York Comic-Con With Two Graphic Novels And  A Trek Nation Screening

New York Comic-Con is nearly upon us and Roddenberry Entertainment has a packed schedule for the event. Premiering two new graphic novels and throwing a pizza party for fans during the their panel, The R will be doing The Big Apple right. The Roddenberry Entertainment Panel / pizza party will begin at 7:45 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 11 in Room 1A04. Featuring clips from both Trek Nation and White Room 02B3, the panel will feature producer Trevor Roth to answer fan questions. If that isn't enough Roddenberry Entertainment will be premiering the graphic novel version of its wildly popular Days Missing comic series as well as a brand new novel entitled Worth.CONTINUE READING >>

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art