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January 10th, 2011

Data Feed: Star Trek's Nichelle Nichols Guest On Tavis Smiley January 12th / 13th

Data Feed: Star Trek's Nichelle Nichols On Tavis Smiley January 12th / 13thNichelle Nichols did us all a favor on her Facebook Fan page (Nichelle Nichols Communications Page) today! She announced her upcoming appearance on PBS’s Tavis Smiley show. It looks like she’s recording the program tomorrow with scheduled runs this Wednesday the 12th and this Thursday the 13th.

Our local PBS station lists the first airing of Nichelle’s episode as Thursday, the 13th 12am, with several replays throughout Thursday afternoon and evening. Check your local listings to find out when it will air in your area. Here’s a link to the upcoming episode at the Tavis Smiley website.

I can’t imagine if we had missed the show. I think we would have cried. Thanks Nichelle for letting us all know!

January 6th

Data Feed: Happy Birthday To Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Aron Eisenberg

We’d like to wish Aron Eisenberg a very Happy Birthday today, as he turns 42. All of you reading this remember him as Nog, everyone’s favorite teenage Ferengi on Deep Space Nine. Without Aron, one of our favorite DS9 episodes, It’s Only a Paper Moon, wouldn’t exist. Anytime we’re feeling down (and even sometimes when we’re not) we watch that episode and it cheers us right up. So we here at Subspace Communique are especially grateful that Aron shared his talent with all of us while on DS9.

Currently he’s the owner of Reel Life Pictures a photography and videography company in Southern California that specializes in weddings and events productions. If you’re able, take a moment and visit his site. The images are beautiful.

Happy Birthday Aron! Thanks so much for entertaining us and lifting our spirits on Deep Space Nine.

January 4th

Data Feed: The Shat's "Star Trek: Ashes of Eden" Audiobook Available Now. Narrated By The Man Himself

Data Feed: The Shat's "Star Trek: Ashes of Eden" Audiobook Available. Narrated By The Man HimselfWilliam Shatner's "Star Trek: Ashes of Eden", originally published in 1995 has just been released in audiobook form with the big man taking on the role of narrator. Written by Shatner, Judith Reeves-Stevens, and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, the story is set six months before the fateful launch of the Enterprise-B where Admiral Kirk ultimately meets his fate. The place: Earth, where the galaxy’s most renowned hero must face the spectre of retirement. But Kirk’s path takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious woman offers him an irresistible adventure – a voyage to an uncharted planet where he will confront the ultimate threat to the peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, and the ultimate temptation – a chance to recapture his youth.CONTINUE READING >>

December 30th, 2010

Data Feed: Star Trek The Complete Comic Book Collection ('67 - '02) DVD $6.99 From Amazon

We just ran across this amazing deal from Amazon and thought we would pass along the details. It looks like you can get all Star Trek comics issues from 1967 - 2002 plus every annual, all articles and advertisements in PDF form on one DVD. This includes all of the Gold Key & Western comics (featuring The Original Series), DC & Malibu Comics, Marvel Comics, & Wildstorm Comics. Over 500 issues in all. A pretty amazing deal for $6.99.

As Dr. Lazarus would say "What a savings..."CONTINUE READING >>

December 28th

Data Feed: Happy Birthday To Star Trek's Own Nichelle Nichols

It would seem that December is rife with Star Trek birthdays. Today is the birthday of our lovely Lt. Uhura, Star Trek's own Nichelle Nichols. Before joining the crew of the Enterprise in 1966, Nichelle was an accomplished theatrical actress and singer, touring with Duke Ellington and Lionel Hampton. As we reported earlier this year, she originally saw "Star Trek" as a way to further her career on Broadway.

"It was rather interesting to me to be cast on the show, because I came up in musical theater," Nichelle said. "And somehow I was, like, really on my way to break through and do all of the things that I really wanted to do on Broadway. And I took 'Star Trek' because I thought it would be a nice adjunct to my resume and I'd get to Broadway quicker and as a star. And, I still think that way, but 'Star Trek' interrupted my career."

"I kind of got stuck there," She said. "As a matter of fact, I even tried to leave after the first season, because I thought, 'Oh, this is going nowhere for me."CONTINUE READING >>

December 22nd

Data Feed: Geek Fights Best Star Trek Episode Finale

Well, it's here. The finale to beat all finales. Geek Fighters to your corners and let's get ready to rumble. You've heard the alpha and omega brackets and now it's time to find out; what's the best Star Trek episode ever. In this episode, all of the geek fighters return, Damon Shaw, Mike Ortiz, Paul Storrie, Barry Ingram, Darren Benjamin, Jerad Formby, Michael Felsher, your's truly, and Trek author Dayton Ward.

Geek Fights episode 28:
Wow, Trek geeks can really talk! This is it, the conclusion to our most intense fight ever. Nine geeks, one fight! Damon Shaw, Michael Ortiz, Chris Wood, Paul Storrie, Barry Ingram, Darren Benjamin, Jerad Formby, Michael Felsher, and special guest Dayton Ward reunite for the final showdown between The Inner Light and In The Pale Moonlight for the title BEST STAR TREK EPISODE! There is passion and pathos, conflict and comedy, inspiration and exaltation, everything that makes Star Trek great!

Download the episode here

Check out the Geek Fights website here.

December 20th

Data Feed: Happy Birthday To Star Trek DS9's Nicole de Boer

Happy birthday to Nicole de Boer, she turns 40 today. Many of you remember Nicole as the second incarnation of Dax (or is that 11th); Ezri Dax from the last season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. After leaving DS9, Nicole went on to star opposite Anthony Michael Hall in "Stephen King's Dead Zone" from 2002 to 2007. According to IMDB, she also has several upcoming TV movies in the works.

Something we didn't know, she also had a small role in the Kids in the Hall movie "Brain Candy". Hailing from the Great White North, just like the "Kids", Nicole is currently married to film score composer John Kastner. We'd like to give warm birthday wishes to Nicole. Happy birthday.

Hat tip to Cmdr. Torkadon for giving us a heads up.

December 15th

Data Feed: Star Trek TNG's LeVar Burton Headed To "Community"

We just found out, via LeVar's twitter feed, that today he's on the set of the NBC hit "Community" filming an upcoming episode. Okay, we love "Community" and LeVar so, it's a perfect fit. He'll be playing himself in the episode and that's about all we know, but check out the tweets below with links to his call sheet and a pic with "Community" star Donald Glover.

With the very talented Donald Glover... @nbccommunity #bydhttmwfi
-- @levarburton via twitter

In this episode of @nbccommunity I play... #noauditionnecessary 
-- @levarburton via twitter

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art