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Archive - Feb 13, 2012


Scifi Expo Dallas Convention Recap

Scifi Expo Dallas Convention Recap

Over the weekend, we made the drive up to Dallas again for another fantastic show; Scifi Expo.  Sure, it's not necessarily a Trek con, per se, but the convention is featuring another scifi series that's near and dear to our hearts.  The ill-fated Joss Whedon spectacular known as  Firefly.  I gotta say, if we weren't Trek fans, we would definitely be Browncoats, but I digress. 

A little less than half of the crew of Serenity made the "trek" to Big-D . The role call includes; Ron Glass, Adam Baldwin, Jewel Staite, and Sean Maher.  There is one Trek connection here however, Ron was in the Voyager episode "Nightingale".   You know the one… Harry Kim finally gets the chance to be in command of a ship.  It's one of our favorites from Voyager.  Anyway,   We got the chance to hang out during the Serenity / Firefly panel and here are a few highlights….CONTINUE READING >>

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