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Archive - Jan 5, 2012


William Shatner Attending New Orleans Comic Con This Month

William Shatner Attending New Orleans Comic Con In January 2012

We know The Shat is all the rage and that all you want out of life is to feast your peepers on him, live and in person. Ok, so maybe that was our goal, not yours, but I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume since you’re reading a website about Star Trek that you kinda, maybe, sort of dig William Shatner. Well, that being the case, you’ll be thrilled to know that he is scheduled to be a featured guest at Wizard World’s New Orleans Comic Con January 28-29, 2012.

He’s only going to be there that Saturday, so don’t miss your chance to see him. He’s the cat’s pajamas!CONTINUE READING >>

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