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Archive - Aug 2011


Star Trek: Enterprise's Scott Bakula Makes UK Stage Debut In "Terrible Advice"

While we slowly recover from what seems to be the Cardassian Flu, we stumbled across a bit of news for Scott Bakula fans in the UK. It seems he's making his UK stage debut in the world premiere of Saul Rubinek’s Terrible Advice. The new play will make it's stage premiere at London's Menier Chocolate Factory on September 22nd. Directed by the legendary Frank Oz (uh huh, that Frank Oz), the play is described as dark, dirty & dangerous.

Set for a limited run from September 22nd to November 12th, Terrible Advice is written by Saul Rubinek another Trek alum. You'll remember Saul as Kivas Fajo from the TNG episode "The Most Toys", one of our favorites. I guess Kivas is adding one starship captain to his collection. If we were in the UK, this would be on our calendars. Tickets start at £29.50 (£25.00 during previews) and you can find more info & synopsis below.

Terrible Advice Synopsis:
Stanley (Stinky to his friends) and Jake are best friends. Hedda and Delila are best friends. Jake loves Hedda; Stinky loves Delila. Stinky plans to marry Delila...until Jake shares some secrets and then gives him some advice... (source)CONTINUE READING >>

August 29th

Star Trek: Voyager's Kate Mulgrew Talks About Warehouse 13

Star Trek: Voyager's Kate Mulgrew Talks About Warehouse 13

We're still living off of the adrenaline of Vegas Khhaaan!, or Creation Entertainment's 45th anniversary Star Trek convention Las Vegas, as mere mortals know it. One of the highlights of the show for us was watching Kate Mulgrew on stage. Not only could she hold her own with Sir Patrick & Sir Billiam (BTW, if you noticed, we're trying to start an internet meme with that...), but Kate was also fantastic with the fans. She was truly engaged and willing to answer any question in stride. Let's face it, we love Kate. Tonight she made her debut in Warehouse 13 on Syfy and recently TVology sat down and talked to Kate about her character and the Warehouse 13 regulars.

"Saul Rubinek is one of the great actors, I think of our generation -- certainly my generation. And I felt, he's consummate and he's unexpected. So I had to step up to the plate whenever I was acting with him. Joanne Kelly is like a delicious confection. And Eddie McClintock, I would have to tell you, as well as Allison Scagliotti, are natural actors. So it's like playing ball with people who are the best; you really have to play badly not to hit well."CONTINUE READING >>

August 27th

Star Trek: Infinite Space Community Q&A Featuring Mike & Denise Okuda

Star Trek: Infinite Space Community Q&A Featuring Mike & Denise Okuda

The free-to-play browser based game, Star Trek: Infinite Space, is getting closer to beta and final release. We've been patiently waiting to get our hands on Infinite Space since the first announcement back in summer 2010. In the meantime, the game's publisher Gameforge has just released a series of Q&A videos that feature Trek consultants Mike & Denise Okuda answering questions from the Infinite Space community. Mike & Denise answer a slew of general questions about Star Trek and the game, but one that caught our attention focused on Mike's LCARS contribution to the Trek universe. 

Check out the full press release below, including both Q&A videos featuring the Okudas.

Star Trek Visionaries, Michael and Denise Okuda, Answer Fan-Related Questions and Shed Light on the Upcoming Free-to-play Casual Browser Game, Star Trek - Infinite Space

Karlsruhe, Germany - August 23, 2011 - Gameforge, Europe's largest publisher of free-to-play online games, today released an all-new community-based Q&A video featuring Star Trek expert consultants, Michael and Denise Okuda. In the video, they outline details regarding the upcoming Star Trek - Infinite Space free-to-play casual browser game and dive deep into the Star Trek universe.CONTINUE READING >>

August 25th

Data Feed: Star Trek's LeVar Burton & Alfre Woodard At The Festival Of Arts In Laguna Beach, California

If you're in Orange County, CA. this weekend and more specifically Laguna Beach, stop by the ever popular Festival of Arts and say hi to LeVar Burton & Alfre Woodard. Both Trek stars will be appearing at the event along with Singer/songwriter Richard Marx (who is set to perform), Camryn Manheim (Ghost Whisperer), Greg Grunberg (Heroes, and the airplane pilot from Lost who got totally eaten by the black smoke monster), , Richard Karn (Home Improvement and Family Feud host), & Marion Ross (Mrs Cunningham, Happy Days)

It will cost you $7 to get in and it's first-come first-serve, so get there early. Heck you could even win an Acura ZDX valued at over $50,000.

2011 Festival of Arts Celebrity Event
Festival of Arts grounds
650 Laguna Canyon Rd.
Laguna Beach, California
Saturday at 4:30 p.m.
Official Website


August 24th

Trek Culture Preview: MONOPOLY®: Star Trek Klingon Edition - Limited Edition Box Art & Collectible

Trek Culture Preview: MONOPOLY®: Star Trek Klingon Edition - Limited Edition Box Art & Collectible

We're as excited as a Klingon Warrior at a blood wine all-nighter.... That was followed by a "GLOURIOUS BATTLE! QAPLA'!!". In our hot little hands is the preview limited edition MONOPOLY®: Star Trek Klingon Edition box that includes the 1/6th scale Chancellor's Cane from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, box art & Klingon Empire proclamation. The actual game board and pieces have yet to be released, but the fine folks at USAopoly passed along the preview sample to us, so we could take a few pics and post them here for your viewing pleasure.

First off, the box art looks fantastic. It includes nice vibrant colors featuring recognizable Klingon symbols plus a sweet bat'leth at the top. Opening the box reveals the placeholders for the "Honor" & "Combat" cards, plus the Chancellor's cane. The cane is made from a rubber type resin and has a forged looking stand for displaying.CONTINUE READING >>

August 22nd

Star Trek Alumni Shatner, Nichols, Sirtis, Phillips, & McDowell Round Out Fan Expo Canada. This Weekend

Star Trek Alumni Shatner, Nichols, Sirtis, Phillips, & McDowell Round Out Fan Expo Canada. This Weekend.

Calling all Trek fans in the Great White North! This weekend is shaping up to be a stellar one for Canadian Star Trek & Scifi fans alike. William Shatner (Sir Billiam, as we now call him), Nichelle Nichols, Marina Sirtis, Ethan Phillips, & Malcolm McDowell are all set to attend Canada's largest science fiction convention, Fan Expo Canada.

Now entering its 17th year, Fan Expo Canada showcases over 700 exhibits and sprawls to over 400,000 square feet and over 75,000 fans. On top of the listed Trek alumni, everything from Star Wars to Battlestar Galactica & I Dream of Genie to The Six Million Dollar Man will be represented. Oh, and did we mention that Freddy Kruger will be there as well. That's right, one of our favs, Robert England is set to appear. We say Freddy Kruger, but really Robert will always be Willy from V, to us. We still have a special place in our eight-chambered hearts for the original V & V:The Final Battle. But the series?... Not so much.

Anyway, check out the full guest list & convention details below.CONTINUE READING >>

August 21st

Creation Entertainment's 45th Anniversary Star Trek Convention: Las Vegas; AKA Vegas Khhaaan! 2011 Recap

Creation Entertainment's 45th Anniversary Star Trek Convention: Las Vegas; AKA Vegas Khhaaan! 2011 Recap

Now that we're finally back to the land of the living and have fully recovered from Vegas Khhaaan 2011, we can officially say that this was the best con ever! I know that's saying a lot, but we truly had a blast hanging with everyone. Especially, you, our fans. We got to know so many of you on a personal level that we can call you friends. Thanks for stopping us and telling us how much Subspace Communique means to you. Hearing things like that, make what we do here at the site and through our podcast, worth more than gold pressed latinum.

Every panel that we covered had it's special charm. Many of the stars seemed invigorated by the crowd's energy, and there was plenty energy to go around. With the main hall seating close to 6,000 fans and an overall attendance of 20,000+, this convention will go down as the largest in Vegas, possibly the United States. To loosely quote Brent Spiner, "Hi to those in the back, I probably look like a raisin on a couch to you."CONTINUE READING >>

August 19th

"For us, no limits." Happy Birthday To The Father Of Star Trek: Gene Roddenberry

"For us, no limits." Happy Birthday To The Father Of Star Trek: Gene Roddenberry

Eugene Wesley Roddenberry was born August 19th 1921 in El Paso, Texas. Today would have been Gene's 90th birthday, so we pay tribute to the late Great Bird of the Galaxy. Gene's brain child, Star Trek, is celebrating it's 45th anniversary this year and continues to inspire and provoke generations. We recently returned from Vegas Khhaaan! 2011, where more than 20,000 fans participated in one of the largest, if not THE largest, Trek Convention. This proves that Star Trek, and Gene's vision, still has an indelible mark on history with more fans added each year.

Gene started life as a sickly young boy who would dream of traveling to the stars. He flew combat missions in the Pacific Theatre during WWII with the "Bomber Barons" of the 394th Bomb Squadron, 5th Bombardment Wing of the Thirteenth Air Force. In total, Gene flew eighty-nine missions for which he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal.

After WWII, Gene worked as a commercial pilot for Pan American World Airways (Pan Am). He received a Civil Aeronautics commendation for his rescue efforts following a June 1947 crash in the Syrian desert while on a flight to Istanbul from Karachi.CONTINUE READING >>

August 17th

Star Trek's Kenneth Biller & LeVar Burton Headed To TNT With "Perception"

Star Trek's Kenneth Biller & LeVar Burton Headed To TNT With "Perception"

A brand new series heading to TNT is set to feature a recurring role with our favorite Chief Engineer, LeVar Burton. Perception stars Eric McCormack (from Will & Grace fame) as Dr. Daniel Pierce, a neuroscientist and professor recruited to help the federal government crack difficult cases. LeVar is set to play the Dean of the University where Pierce is a professor. The show is created by long time Star Trek: Voyager writer / producer Kenneth Biller. Kenneth joined Voyager as an Executive Story Editor with the first season episode "Parallax". Beginning with the second season episode, "Dreadnought", Biller became a Co-Producer on the series. He was named Producer by season four, Supervising Producer at the start of season five, and Co-Executive Producer at the beginning of the sixth season. During the seventh and final season, he was an Executive Producer on the show. Kenneth also co-wrote the Klingon Encounter ride for Star Trek: The Experience with René Echevarria.

Check out the press release below for the full details on Perception.

Release Date: 8/17/2011
TNT Begins Production on Perception, New Drama Series Starring Emmy® Winner Eric McCormackCONTINUE READING >>

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art