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Archive - Jul 9, 2011


Star Trek's Walter Koenig Talks "Things To Come"

Since Vegas Khhaaan! of last year, we've been waiting to get our hands on Walter Koenig's new projects; the graphic novels / comics "Things to Come" & "Raver". We talked to Walter back in November of last year about both works, on our "Life After Trek" podcast, and he reveled that both will be released this year. They'll be published by the independent comic house Bluewater Productions. Walter was recently interviewed by Ain't it Cool News where he gave more detail about each, as well as a fantastic bit of wisdom for the aspiring creatives out there.

"I think first of all perseverance, faith in yourself. You have to really have a passion and a belief that will stand the test of the myriad rejections that are bound to come unless you are extraordinarily gifted and recognized for it immediately, it’s a hard course to travel, but ultimately it’s a short life and you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do you know and I don’t believe, now more than ever, in a very pivotal and critical time in my life with events having taken a very tragic turn, I believe that you must live it fully and do what is important to you and if possible not to do what’s simply safe and comfortable you know." Walter continues; "If you are creative in any field in any capacity or if you have just a driving ambition in some area, I think you must acknowledge that and respect it."CONTINUE READING >>

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