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Archive - Jun 11, 2011

Comic Review: "STAR TREK: Khan - Ruling in Hell"

Ruling in Hell begins with Khan's crew being left on Ceti Alpha Five and Khan reflecting back on the events that led to them starting a new life on this planet. This recap was, of course, detailed in the ST:TOS episode “Space Seed”. The early part of the story details a month by month look at Khan and the group's struggles to adapt to the planet and its environs. As the four-issue mini-series progresses, events alluded to in Star Trek II: the Wrath of Khan fall into place. Highlights include the explosion of Ceti Alpha Six, the death of Khan's wife and the story of a power struggle within Khan's group. The mini-series concludes with the arrival of Captain Terrell and first officer Pavel Chekov from the U.S.S. ReliantCONTINUE READING >>

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