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Archive - Apr 2011

April 30th

BayouCon 2011 Live Coverage - Day 1

BayouCon 2011 Live Coverage - Day 2

We're heading down to bayou country to hang with Klingons & Ferengi. If you can't make it to Lake Charles, Louisiana this weekend, never fear, you can watch the full weekend live coverage below.


April 28th

Star Trek & Gumbo Seem To Be The Perfect Combination. BayouCon This Weekend!

We hear that Louisiana is famous for it's seafood, friendly people, humidity...Klingons & Ferengi?!  That's right, this weekend you can spend time with your favorite Grand Nagus & member of Starfleet Admiralty. Not only Max Grodenchik & Vaughn Armstrong, but you can also pick the brain of Star Trek's ultimate authority, Larry Nemecek.  Why wouldn't you stop what you're doing and head to Lake Charles, LA. this weekend?!  Oh... and we'll be there too live blogging, just in case you can't make it.  We're really looking forward to hanging with the Trek fans of southwest Louisiana.  If you're going to make the trip, be sure to stop us and say hi.  We may even have some Subspace Communique stickers for you!  Check out the full details below.CONTINUE READING >>

April 27th

Data Feed: Mondo To Release New Star Trek Posters…Booyah!

So, just like the title “implies” (let’s face it…”spells out” would be more apt)…have no fear, posters are near! Mondo is releasing 2 new Star Trek themed posters tomorrow, April 28, 2011, to add to your collection.

Introducing the newest entries in our STAR TREK poster series...the 1967 episode MIRROR, MIRROR by Tomer Hanuka and the 1966 two-part episode THE MENAGERIE by Mike Saputo! In addition, we will be releasing the remaining copies from the Alamo Drafthouse Terror Tuesday screening of Cronenberg's RABID by Phantom City Creative.

These posters will be going on sale Thursday, April 28, 2011 at a random time.


April 26th

Bid For A Chance To Dine With Captain Janeway... Star Trek Voyager's Kate Mulgrew.

Bid For A Chance To Dine With Captain Janeway... Star Trek Voyager's Kate Mulgrew.

Here's your chance to have an intimate dinner with Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) and at the same time give money to a worthy cause.  In the 5th annual online auction Playwrights Horizons (an award-winning not-for-profit off Broadway theater) is offering up this unique opportunity to support the theater's annual season of six plays & musicals, year-round play & musical theater development programs, audience development activities, a resident internship program, the Playwrights Horizons Theater School at NYU, and Ticket Central, a low-cost box office service available to the entire performing arts community.CONTINUE READING >>

April 25th

Is This The First Step To Geordi La Forge’s Visor?

Is This The First Step To Geordi La Forge’s Visor?

We here at Subspace Communique are always excited when we hear about new technology that is inspired by, similar to, or even heading in the direction of Star Trek gadgets that made all of our favorite characters’ lives easier onscreen. Personally, we can’t wait for the day when transporters make plane travel no longer necessary, but until then we’ll be excited about this new bit of tech from Google that is teaching computers to see. Google “Goggles” is a piece of software that works with a cell phone’s camera to identify objects in photographs.

With Goggles, the user snaps a picture, which is transmitted across cellular networks to Google's servers. Google's computers then tell the phone what they recognized in the photo. This process can take only a second or two -- and sometimes even less.CONTINUE READING >>

April 23rd

Patrick Stewart's Career Highlight Is Star Trek: The Next Generation... "It Changed Everything."

Patrick Stewart's Career Highlight Was Star Trek: The Next Generation... "It Changed Everything."

We agree, completely.... In an ongoing series called "Five Minutes With:", Matthew Stadlen sits down with celebrities and news-makers to question them for exactly five minutes.  With giant clock in hand, Matthew puts Sir Patrick Stewart is in the hot seat.  The Captain revealed that he is learning the harmonica, has been in 28 of the 37 known Shakespearean plays, and that TNG "changed everything" in his life and career.  

Patrick Explains; "Right up until 1987, when I went to Hollywood to start filming Star Trek: The Next Generation, if you didn't go to the Royal Shakespearan Company you'd never heard Patrick Stewart"  

When asked if there had been a highlight in his career, Patrick added; "It would have to be Star Trek: The Next Generation... After that series was such a huge success, which it was immediately, everything was changed for me."CONTINUE READING >>

April 21st

Star Trek's Kate Mulgrew, Brent Spiner, & George Takei At Motor City ComiCon In May

Star Trek's Kate Mulgrew, Brent Spiner, & George Takei At The Motor City ComiCon In May

With so many new comic conventions across the country, Trek fans have a better chance at seeing their favorite stars than ever before. Detroit area fans can get up close and personal with two captains & an android. That's right, Brent Spiner, George Takei, and Kate Mulgrew will be heading to Michigan May 13th through the 15th for the upcoming Motor City ComiCon. Described as Michigan's largest comic book convention, the MCCC has been bringing awesome guests to the Motor City since 1989. Besides getting the rare chance to see Kate, the show is also packing two Brady's, a Cylon, three Colonial Warriors, and a slew of other guests. Check out the full media guest list and show details below.CONTINUE READING >>

April 20th

Star Trek’s George Takei Turns 74 Today. Happy Birthday George!!

Star Trek’s George Takei Turns 74 Today. Happy Birthday George!!

We’d like to wish George Takei a VERY Happy Birthday, today on his 74th year!! Happy Birthday George, thanks for entertaining us all AND for protecting our future by not being afraid to remind us of our past.

Be sure not to miss his upcoming live appearance at Trek Expo in Tulsa, OK at the end of June.

As is our typical birthday protocol, we give you guys the presents by rounding up a bunch of videos of George for you from all over the interwebs. …Ohhh MY!!!! (…and you thought I forgot)


April 19th

Star Trek’s Marina Sirtis & Tony Todd At Houston Comicpalooza May 27-29, Reminder!

So you saw the reminder about Dallas Comic Con,  the other day…now here’s the 2nd part of the Texas convention double-header this May! Next Gen’s very own counselor Troi is going to be meeting, talking with, and signing autographs for Houston area fans at Comicpalooza May 27-29. Hmmm…do you think she’ll be wearing her jumpsuit? Well, even if she’s not, we can’t wait to see her and hear what she has to say. It will be a true treat seeing her for the first time.CONTINUE READING >>

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art