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Archive - Mar 24, 2011

Book Learnin' = Star Trek...who knew?

Book Learnin' = Star Trek...who knew?

Hey folks, there’s more Star Trek discussions to listen to live in Southern California. Prof. Daryl Frazetti has several new classes that you can attend and the next one up can be attended by anyone…you don’t even have to be a student.

Star Trek Day! in the Pop Culture Class March 28, 2011 in the Bell Tower rm2704. This is a one day event within the Pop Culture Class. Anyone can attend this day free of charge (not counting the parking which is $6 on campus). This particular day Larry Nemecek, Steve Wolcott, Eric Stillwell, and Roger Nygard (Director of Trekkies & Trekkies 2) will be in to discuss Star Trek fandom and much more.

Anthropology of Science Fiction Lecture Series, beginning June 18, 2011, 10AM – Noon, at the CSUCI Extended University CenterCONTINUE READING >>

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