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Archive - Aug 30, 2010

"I had a ball" Says Scott Bakula About Star Trek: Enterprise

" I had a ball" Says Scott Bakula On Star Trek: Enterprise

Growing up on "Quantum Leap", we were super excited to hear the news that Scott Bakula would be playing the next captain in Star Trek: Enterprise, back in 2001. The show was slightly different from past Star Trek series, but Scott and the rest of the cast surely didn't disappoint. Enterprise can often be a dividing line among Trek fans. Wait, I take that back, other than TNG and The Original Series, just about everything in Trek can be a dividing line among fans. Anyway, we loved Enterprise and were surely sad to see it go in 2005. Apparently Scott was sad to see it go as well. According to a interview Scott thinks that Archer could have grown up and lightened up a bit in the fifth season and that the series finale was a bit "odd". We completely agree with you Scott. Although, Archer was still The Man, even if he could have smiled a little more. Check out an excerpt from the interview below.

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