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Archive - Aug 2010

Mondo Tees "Star Trek: First Contact" Borg Queen Poster On Sale Thursday

Mondo Tees "Star Trek: First Contact" Borg Queen Poster On Sale Thursday

Mondo Tees, purveyor of all things rad and poster-y have just announced the next edition of their Star Trek poster series. This time, the poster gets assimilated. We've covered both of the previous releases from Mondo, including the Khan-a-licious (spell check wanted to change that to Khan-a-vicious, which works too) and the striking "Trouble with Tribbles" poster (check out our live coverage of the release here). For their brand spanking new release, artisit Ken Taylor designed a beautiful 24 x 36 poster for a Trek fan favorite, "Star Trek: First Contact".

The posters go on sale Thursday at an undisclosed time. If they sell anything like the last two have, you better have your finger poised on the mouse button to buy as soon as they're released. Since Mondo Tees is local for us, We'll probably be heading down there sometime on Thursday to grab ours.  I also guess, we'll only be buying one, they're limited to 1 per household.  Hmmm.....

Here are the deets from the Mondo site:CONTINUE READING >>

August 30th

"I had a ball" Says Scott Bakula About Star Trek: Enterprise

" I had a ball" Says Scott Bakula On Star Trek: Enterprise

Growing up on "Quantum Leap", we were super excited to hear the news that Scott Bakula would be playing the next captain in Star Trek: Enterprise, back in 2001. The show was slightly different from past Star Trek series, but Scott and the rest of the cast surely didn't disappoint. Enterprise can often be a dividing line among Trek fans. Wait, I take that back, other than TNG and The Original Series, just about everything in Trek can be a dividing line among fans. Anyway, we loved Enterprise and were surely sad to see it go in 2005. Apparently Scott was sad to see it go as well. According to a interview Scott thinks that Archer could have grown up and lightened up a bit in the fifth season and that the series finale was a bit "odd". We completely agree with you Scott. Although, Archer was still The Man, even if he could have smiled a little more. Check out an excerpt from the interview below.

Five years on, how do you look back on Enterprise?CONTINUE READING >>

August 29th

"It was rather interesting to me to be cast on the show" Says Nichelle Nichols About Star Trek

"It was rather interesting to me to be cast on the show" Says Nichelle Nichols About Star Trek

Growing up in the 80's, my first introduction to Star Trek was the Original Series movies, starting with "Star Trek: The Motion Picture". I guess that really could be considered the late, late 70's, but I digress. One of my fondest memories, from that time, was seeing Nichelle Nichols for the first time as Lt. Uhura. She was one of the very first women I'd seen in any kind of authoritative role other than my mother. From then on out, Nichelle & Uhura have been an influence on my life and how I see and perceive women & the world. Interestingly enough, Nichelle saw Star Trek as a way to further her career on Broadway. She had no idea of the ride she was in for, or how she would help shape the 20th century and beyond.

In an interview with, Nichelle recalls her early days in Trek and how she thought the show would be a "nice adjunct to my résumé."CONTINUE READING >>

August 28th

William Shatner Says "There is no doubt... there is life out there" While Launching Yet Another TV Show.

William Shatner Says "There is no doubt... there is life out there" While Launching Yet Another TV Show.

William Shatner apparently has another show in the works that's premiering this fall?! Called William Shatner's "Weird or What?" the show will look at extraordinary events and try to explain them scientifically or logical. What we would like someone to explain is, when does William Shatner sleep? This is the third television show he's premiering this fall! Along with "Aftermath", "Bleep My Dad Says", and now "Weird or What?", The Shat is also still working on "Raw Nerve" while filming a documentary about all of the Star Trek captains called simply "The Captains". One thing that did just cross our minds, maybe The Shat is one of those new-fangled day walking vampires. When we saw him up-close at Vegas Khhaaan, he was awfully sparkly.CONTINUE READING >>

August 27th

Star Trek Online Update: New Excelsior Class Ship & Breen Missions!

Star Trek Online Update; New Excelsior Class Ship & Breen Missions!

Star Trek Online's Season 2: Ancient Enemies update is about a month into it's launch and Cryptic Studios continues to add content to their flagship MMO. Just released is a brand new iconic Trek ship made famous by one Captain Hikaru Sulu. That's right Trek fans, the Excelsior Class is back! I guess the Excelsior was made famous in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, then throughout Next Gen, and again as the Enterprise-B in "Star Trek: Generations", but I digress. We prefer to think of it as Sulu's ship... *Fly her apart then!*

The Excelsior Class Retrofit is available now in the C-store for 1200 Cryptic Points. Check out a description below.CONTINUE READING >>

August 26th

Star Trek "Trash" Is Another Trek Fan's Treasure

Star Trek "Trash" Is Another Trek Fans Treasure

Bouncing around the web today, we ran across a facebook post by one of our Trek friends, many of you may know her as @starfleetmom on twitter.  We had the awesome opportunity to hang with starfleetmom at Vegas Khhaaan! and had a blast with her and all of the gang.  Anyway, back to the point of this article, starfleetmom posted a link to a Trek item she's selling on a site called  It's a really cool poster featuring Data & The Doctor from Voyager complete with signatures of Robert Picardo & Brent Spiner. is something we'd never heard of and the idea of finding hidden Trek treasure was more than we could pass up.CONTINUE READING >>

August 25th

The TNG Cast That Never Was, Revealed In A 1987 Studio Memo

The TNG Cast That Never Was, Revealed In '87 Studio Memo

Over the years, we've all heard stories about certain actors who were up for roles on "Star Trek: The Next Generation", but for one reason or other didn't want or get the part.  Now, thanks to (via, we have an April 1987 dated Paramount studio memo that sheds light on the actually prospects for the TNG crew.  

Among the many names listed, Yaphet Kotto was up for the role of Captain Picard, Ben Murphy (Alias Smith & Jones) was a candidate for Riker (spelled Ryker in the memo), Denise Crosby was considered to play Troi, & kid's game show host J.D. Roth was the only actor listed for Wesley.  Here's something that we learned at Vegas Khhaaan (that the memo confirms, Eric Menyuk (aka The Traveler from TNG) was a possibility for our lovable android, Data.CONTINUE READING >>

August 24th

Help Make History, Choose The TOS Theme In NASA's Shuttle Wakeup Song Contest!

As we draw closer to the end of the shuttle program, we are really closing a chapter on American space flight. From the first missions of the Mercury program and it's seven brave astronauts, through Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, & the Shuttle missions that have spanned the last 29 years, NASA has been making headlong strides toward a better future. Not only for Americans, but the world as a whole. Star Trek & Gene Roddenberry have played a very important role in the modern day space program.. Most notably, being the inspiration for generations of Astronauts to boldly go where no one has gone before.  In fact, Deforest Kelley & Nichelle Nichols took on roles as astronaut recruiters for NASA in the mid-70s and the very first Space Shuttle Orbiter was named "Enterprise" thanks to a Trek fan write-in campaign.CONTINUE READING >>

August 23rd

A Darker "Star Trek" Sequel? ST XII Producer / Co-writer Damon Lindelof Interview

Star Trek XII, Damon Lindelof, Star Trek Movie News

Star Trek XII co-writer and XI / XII producer Damon Lindelof is no stranger to high budget productions. He's been working with J.J. Abrams for years on "Lost", as well as on the upcoming "Cowboys & Aliens", co-penned with Orci & Kurtzman. E! Online recently caught up with Damon at the pre-Emmy's party and asked him a few questions about the sequel to J.J's "Star Trek". Damon gives hints to a much darker movie than Star Trek XI, going so far as to compare it to "The Dark Kinight", the sequel to "Batman Begins".CONTINUE READING >>

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art