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Archive - Apr 2010

April 30th

Star Trek: The Exhibition Headed To Riverside, CA.

Star Trek: The Exhibition Headed To Riverside, CA.

Star Trek the Exhibition has been all over California that last year.  From San Jose to Hollywood and then to Sacramento.  Now, the Exhibition is heading to the Inland Empire.  Starting June 15th Trek fans in Riverside, CA. will be able to enjoy Trek props and costumes at the Riverside Metropolitan Museum.

The Riverside City Council on Tuesday approved spending $75,000 to secure the first Inland appearance of the exhibit, which includes costumes and props, displays and interactive games. Officials expect it to draw at least 40,000 visitors and bring in $800,000.CONTINUE READING >>

April 29th

Lee Arenberg On This Week's SciFi Diner Podcast

Lee Arenberg On This Weeks SciFi Diner Podcast

You may know Lee Arenberg as the trouble making pirate Pintel from the "Pirates of the Carribean" movie trilogy, soon to be quadrilogy. What you may not have known, is that lee has graced the Star Trek world on several occasions ranging from TNG to Enterprise and every series in between.

Here's a quick rundown of the characters Lee Arenberg has played throught the Star Trek franchise.

Star Trek: The Next Generation
DaMon Bok - "Bloodlines"
DaMon Prak - "Force of Nature"

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Gral - "The Nagus"

Star Trek: Voyager
Pelk - "Juggernaut"

Star Trek: Enterprise
Tellarite Ambassador Gral - "Babel One" & "United"CONTINUE READING >>

April 28th

Nichelle Nichols Says That She & Zoe Saldana "Just Clicked"

Nichelle Nichols Says That She & Zoe Saldana "Just Clicked".

At the recent Comic-con in Anaheim, Nichelle Nichols talked about the first meeting with her Star Trek XI Counterpart Zoe Saldana. On the set of J.J. Abrams's "Star Trek", Saldana was not scheduled for the day when Nichelle was invited to visit, so J.J. called Zoe back for the chance meeting.CONTINUE READING >>

April 27th

Star Trek & Gene Roddenberry Estate Items Up For Bid In June

Star Trek & Gene Roddenberry Estate Items Up For Bid In June

A large amount of Star Trek memorabilia will be hitting the auction block this June in Vegas and It's all going to charity.  Included in the auction are items from the blockbuster Star Trek XI such as romulan weopons, cadet unifroms & badges, as well as Spock Prime's cold weather gear worn by Leonard Nimoy on Delta Vega.CONTINUE READING >>

April 26th

Starfleet's Next Communicator: The Saga Unfolds

Starfleet's Next Communicator: The Saga Unfolds

It appears that the next gen communicator prototype was indeed lost at the bar on K7.  A Starfleet communications engineer named Ensign Freeman was there to enjoy some much needed shore leave when a huge brawl broke out between federation officers and Klingon soldiers.  He unfortunately lost the communicator in the scuffle and has been looking for it's return ever since.

Here's a shot from station security of Ensign Freeman during the fight.  We received this image from an unnamed source aboard K7.CONTINUE READING >>

April 25th

Is this Starfleet's Next Communicator? We Think So.

Is this Starfleet's Next Communicator? We Think So.

Is this the next version of Starfleet's much anticipated and loved communicator? We think it is.  It was apparently lost in a bar on Deep Space Station K7 sometime around Stardate 4523.3 and we got our hands on it.  We don't have tons of details, but here's what we do know.CONTINUE READING >>

April 24th

The Shat Could Be Governor General of Canada

The Shat Could Be Governer General Of Canada

William Shatner has been nominated to be the 28th Governor General of Canada. Not only is he an intergalactic hero but The Shat hails from the great white north and would be a perfect candidate for the mostly ceremonial title. He also appears to be leading in the polls, beating out Wayne Gretzky and a full list of other famous Canadians.  Heck, you can even place your vote for the next Governor General here.CONTINUE READING >>

April 23rd

Vegas Khaaaan! Trek Star List, Thus Far.

Vegas Khaaaann! Trek Star List, Thus Far.

We CAN'T wait for August, we're as excited as a bunch of tribbles in a silo full of quadrotricale.  Oh, and just so you know, we declared several weeks back that it shall be known as Vegas Khan hence forth.  Any other reference will be met with klingon pain sticks and cardassian inquistors demanding answers concerning the correct amount of light fixtures in the room.  Until then, we are thinking of who we would love to see at the show.CONTINUE READING >>

April 21st

Cryptic Releases Star Trek Online "Expanding Universe Pt 3" Video


Cryptic Releases Star Trek Online "Expanding Universe Pt 3" Video

Cryptic Studios just released a brand new video detailing the new Special Task Force missions that will be available over the next few months.  First show on the video is the already released STF: Khitomer Accord.  Don't know much about STF: Khitomer Accord? Check out the details below.

The Borg seemed unusually weak, unable to adapt and most of their fleet was already seriously damaged. It seems like someone may have got to them first and softened them up, because if the Borg were at full strength that day, you may not have fared so well.CONTINUE READING >>

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art