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Archive - Mar 1, 2010

'Hey Star Trek! gotchoo FIRST, BEST DESTINY!?' New Blog Post By Jerad Formby

Hey Star Trek, Jerad Formby, Trekcast

Our good buddy Jerad "Super_Spock" Formby dropped another fantastic edition of his Golden Globe (we read the somewhere...) nominated Star Trek blog "Hey, Star Trek!".  This time, Jerad gives us a report of the good times had by all and a few missteps on Star Trek Online.

Captain of a starship. Is it your first, best destiny?

Star Trek: Online thinks it is and now that we’ve played through Beta and the first month of it going live, we thought important to communicate our true and real impressions.

The last time we visited this topic, admittedly, the post was not serious in anyway and was written without experience with the game.

Star Trek & Other Stars Remember Andrew Koenig

Star Trek & Other Stars Remember Andrew Koenig

The mystery of Andrew Koenig's disappearance and untimely passing played out all of the internet these last few weeks.  Many online gathered together to help find and then morn Andrew, including several Trek universe and tv / movie stars.  As reported by MTV News, several stars expressed the sympathies and grief via Twitter when learning the terrible news.

"RIP Andrew Koenig, missing since Valentine's Day, was found dead in Vancouver, Canada," fellow '80s child star Alyssa Milano tweeted. She also urged her followers to help anyone they know with similar issues to Koenig's: "If you know someone suffering from depression, please do everything in your power to get them help. R.I.P. Andrew."

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art