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Archive - Oct 27, 2010

Trek Culture Review: Star Trek DS9’s Nana Visitor’s Gourmet Desserts

Our favorite chef is at it again. Nana Visitor has two more installments on her Youtube channel for your enjoyment. Over here at Subspace Communique’s headquarters our TV viewing is pretty basic. We’re either watching an iteration of Star Trek or a PBS cooking show. Well, now that we’ve stumbled across Nana’s cooking channel we’ve found a way to combine our interests into one giant ball of fantastic-ness. In her latest show we follow along with her as she goes to a local farmer’s market, and then returns home to whip up her findings into a delectable delight. We’re still trying to figure out how she makes and eats all this great food and still maintains her fabulous figure. Nana, if you’re reading, we’d love to know your secret!CONTINUE READING >>

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