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Archive - Sep 4, 2009

Star Trek Youtube Video Roundup - THE SHAT EDITION

Star Trek Youtube Video Roundup - The Shat Edition

It's time once again for us to dive deep into youtube and find the very "best" in Star Trek related videos, for you, the humble reader. No, there will be no keyboard cats or hamsters on a piano here. This is a very special Star Trek Video Roundup, that's right, it's THE SHAT EDITION.

William Shatner is an enigma wrapped in a riddle. He's much like our yellow sun, you can't stare direclty at him. You must somehow obscure his shape as to grab a glimpse of his beautiful and mysterious aura. Here are some brief glimpses into what makes The Shat a true phenomenon.

Here's irrefutable proof, the Shat DOES indeed say Sabataage.CONTINUE READING >>

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