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Brand New 'Hey, Star Trek!' Blog Post By Jerad Formby

Brand New 'Hey, Star Trek!' Blog Post By Jerad FormbyIn this installment of 'Hey, Star Trek!' Jerad discusses the hype Hollywood has always relied on to stay profitable. Including the latest created around the new IMAX movie releases. Is it really better in IMAX? Even if it's not shot with IMAX technology? Jerad explains.

So it hasn’t mattered to me that a movie has an IMAX presentation for a long time. Blowing up a film to IMAX doesn’t impress me. I don’t even care to see Star Trek in IMAX. There’s only one reason I would.

It would have to be shot in Imax. The technology does exist for a film to be made for IMAX absolutely. But it’s not easy, nor is it economical. The truth is that an IMAX camera is sooo loud while its running that it’s near impossible to record dialogue on set. The camera is so huge and unweildly that moving the camera around can slow a films production down immensely, but the IMAX resolution would be married to the film’s format. (source Trekcast)

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